It requires several fronts to fight the onslaught of Islamization of the United States and to combat the political correctness of media and administration.   Many Americans are simply naive about Islamists ways and agenda.  We propose to have a vigil near Ground Zero.   This Vigil could serve as call to nation to protect its freedoms,  inform the ways of Islamists and invoke patriotism to protect this nation with touch of spirituality.    Such a vigil can consist of  a tent setup near the Ground Zero and have a round the clock vigil (or dawn to dusk),  surrounded by powerful information banners exposing the truth about the Mosque and the Islamists overt and stealth ways of Islamizing US and imposing Shariah Law .  Vigil participants would invoke patriotism by singing songs of patriotism at the strike of the hour for a few minutes and encouraging passers by to participate in it.   If there is interest in fasting that could also be considered.

Such a vigil should certainly have participation from various communities and more importantly those who are most affected, i.e., the 9/11 Families, the families of Fire fighter and Police Personnel who gave their life or suffered injuries.    We strongly encourage both young and old to take an interest in this to protect our nation.  If interested, send email to

Phyllis Chesler, who manages very well known blog pajamasmedia wrote as follows:

Dear Friends:

A diverse group of highly committed people want to undertake a vigil at the site of the potential Mosque near Ground Zero. Some may undertake a fast, some may pray, others may sing patriotic American songs. The group consists of Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Christians, and atheists. They are not envisioning a one day event or a rally. They hope to stand there until the mosque idea is defeated. They also have dramatic and informative banners and signs.

They need your support. Will you consider joining them, even for a few hours, or for a day at a time? They need a critical mass of bodies to do this. Please contact them at the email address provided below. Send this request forward. You may also copy me.

All best,

Phyllis Chesler


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