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  1. Ali Sina says:

    Two days ago we launched and already ranks it 540,000. In a week or two we will be in the 100,000 rank.

    FreedomBulwark is a networking site for all the people in the resistance movement against Islamization. I’d like to invite you to join and promote your site and activity among people who share your views and are concerned about the creeping Islam just as you are. We are millions and it is time that we network and get support from each other.

    Read more here and join

  2. Travis says:

    As a former soldier who served on active duty before, during, and after 9-11, and served overseas I just wanted to say Please continue the fight against Islamic Fascist. I am not exactly sure when we went from being a country outraged by the events of that day to a nation of people making excuses for it but I am sick of it. People need to get off of their butts and travel to one of these countries if they have any reservations about supporting this cause. Our enemies are not stupid people. They do not differentiate between military and civilians when coming up with targets. They hate us, they hate our way of life, and they are more than happy to use our own freedoms against us! This is an obvious spit in the face of every American, but because so many are afraid of being labeled a racist they are afraid to admit it. Make no mistake about the fact that we are at war and this mosque will turn into a great source of propaganda providing aid and comfort to our enemies. If you don’t believe it just look into how this project is being financed! For those fighting the fight thank you for your contribution.

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