Oppose Mosque at Ground Zero

Following Video gives good overview of the issue of Mosque at Ground Zero (more media interviews under Media Coverage menu). Note that this website  also addresses other Mosques disproportionately mushrooming in United States, particularly those supported by Saudi Arabia and radical Islamic  organizations.

Robert Spencer  with Debra Burlingame,  Founder of 9/11 Families for America on Fox News Hannity .

Click here for June 27th rally against Brooklyn (NYC) Mosque at 12-2PM, Voorhees Avenue, between E28 and E29th streets.

Click here for June 12, Tea Party Rally against Ground Zero Mosque at McKinley Park, Bay Ridge, New York City at 2PM.

Click here for June 6th SIOA rally against Ground Zero that is estimated to be attended by 10,000 people.

It is very difficult to point the enemy with an Organized onslaught done in the name of religion.   The opposition to Mosque is not against Muslims but against Islamization of United States and attempt to subvert the freedoms this country is build upon.   History has shown that how Islamists conquered countries around the world and decimated non Muslim populations.  Read under ‘Why Mosque?’ menu section to know the more background detailed information on the Mosque.

Among several events planned are grand Rally at Ground Zero by Stop Islamization of America on June 6th at Ground Zero at 12 noon.  See flyer below for details.  Detailed background on the controversial Mosque  available at http://sioaonline.com . Click here for Flyer for rally against Ground Zero Mosque on June 6th at Ground Zero, Noon – 3PM (pdf)

Also, independently being planned are a Vigil at Ground Zero until the Mosque is stopped (see Vigil menu section on this website).

Click here for article on how Churches and Synagogues are turned into Mosques in US.

Click here for Generic Flyer that can be used for Distribution (images given below)


Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer on Fox News Hannity:


Pamela Geller on Fox News Huckabee Show:


Pamela Geller and Islamic apologist Mike Ghouse on Sean Hannity Show:


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